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Scroll to explore the optional features of Memberment that you can install for your organization. All features are included at no additional cost and you decide which features your organization needs.

Member Management

It shouldn't be that frustrating to know who your members are.


No messy CSV imports or data entry. Send your organization's invitation code to your members and have them self-onboard. All that's required from you is to approve them!

Know your members

Collect pertinent information about your members from birthdays to addresses to phone numbers, all in one place!


Easily find any member and view all information in a single screen including contact information, accounts, addresses, and more.

Access Control

Generate access passes for your members to enter your facilities


Members can retrieve their access pass in the app to show to an attendant who can scan them in. Attendants may also search for members by name without an access pass present.


All members are assigned an access pass upon creation which you can later disable, export for print, or view past arrivals.


All member arrivals are saved and searchable by date or by member to help you better serve your membership with data that allows you to recognize traffic trends over time.


Group your members into accounts for more precise control.


If your membership is grouped by families or addresses, we've got you covered. With the Accounts feature you can integrate your organization into Memberment.


Enable the option for member-managed accounts to ease your burden on adding and removing members to accounts. No worries, newly added members still require your approval.


Members in an account can be an account admin or an account member to limit their permissions as well manage who receives account-related notifications.


Get a better handle on communication with your members

Social Networking

Use your community for one-way announcements or open it to other members for a totally private social network only visible to members of your community.


Have something important to pass along to your members? Tick the notification option when you post and all of your members will receive an immediate push notification to their devices.


Memberment assists you in obtaining valuable feedback as both a ``like`` and ``dislike`` option are available on community posts.


Share important documents privately and securely

Easy Access

Your organization's documents are stored in a single location, searchable and accessible by your members only.


Members can easily export your organization's documents into their preferred mobile applications.


The history of all files are shown so you can see the paper trail of any changes made.