• Getting Started

The thought of importing your entire membership sounds intimidating, time-consuming, and highly technical... but it's not. Let's alleviate your fears!

The Problem

Every organization is unique but ultimately has to address the same problem when getting started. What does Memberment require and how do I get it done without losing my mind?


Members are the heart of any organization and they're at the heart of Memberment. The first thing you'll need is a list of these members including, at a bare minimum, their first name and last name. Optional fields include email address, birthdate, gender, and address.


Are your members grouped into accounts for billing purposes, access control requirements, or any other reason? No problem! You can assign members to accounts when you create them.


Once we've got our members added, you can share the administrative burden by adding other members as administrators for your organization.

The Solution

Some people have more time than others and some despise data entry. We get it. Decide which option is the best fit for you below to learn more.

Do It Yourself

This no-fee option is best suited for those with the time and desire to manage the entire setup process themselves. A bit sadistic? Perhaps. But when you want it done right, who better to do it than you?

We Do It

This option is the best fit for you if you're the delegating kind. Our team will work with you to gather the information needed then provide an estimated setup fee to handle the entire setup for your organization.

Do It Yourself

An excellent choice! Lucky for you we've made it as easy as humanly possible and there's even some options to make it easier. Seriously.

The Hard Way

There's no way to sugar coat this one. It's a LOT of work... of the data entry kind!

Hopefully you're a connoisseur of the keyboard because you'll be manually entering information about every member you want to add to Memberment.

The Easy Way

Got your attention, eh? Your organization has an invitation code that can be shared through your communications method introducing Memberment to your members and inviting them to come sign up themselves using your organization code.

Let them type all their information and then you can review their information and add them to any accounts they may belong to before approving them.

The Easier Way

Is this possible? If your members are grouped into accounts then yes, absolutely!

Allow members to manage their own accounts and, once approved by you, they can enter the information for other family members as well as themselves. These new members still require your approval but they will already be added to the proper account leaving you one less thing to do.

Ready to get started?

Nice! You've got this. Be sure to check out the Knowledge Base for help getting started.

We Do It

Let us do the heavy lifting and you can focus on the bigger picture.

Data Sharing

Our team will work with you to get our arms around your membership roster and prepare it to be imported into your organization.


Any members imported with an email address will automatically be sent an invitation to join Memberment where, once logged in, they will have direct access to your organization.

Cost Effective

Your time is valuable and by outsourcing the setup to Memberment, you can avoid the headaches and stress involved with moving to a new system for an attractive and economical fee.

Want us to handle it?

We would love to chat about your organization. Send us an email at sales@memberment.com to get started today!